Pictures Needed

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The pictures I need are use to recreate an exact replica of your airplane design into my computor.  With the correct pictures and the measurements from the preceeding page, I end up with an exact 1:1 scale replica.  I then add designs and logos and can send you pictures of what your plane will look like.

The main concern is that the camera is not angled in any way to get the picture.  I need a straight on/square/90 degree by 90 degree photo. The diagram below tries to show this as best it can.  Normally the wings are to big to be lying flat and you standing above it.  The best way is to stand it on its root and kneel down to its level, or have somebody hold it.  Most importantly is to have the camera in the center of the wing, stab, or fuse, pointing the camera straight at the object.

The higher the resolution of the picture, the better it is for me to work with