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Ken Cranes H9 Extra 300

Travis Fletcher's H9 Extra 300

New twist on Extreme Flights Extra

Alex Harris' recovered QQ Yak 54

Cory Musich's 3D HobbyShop AJ Slick

Dan Bubolz going Patty Wagstaff scheme

Robert Green's Spark Evo from Krill

Charlie Rock's Gaudious

Shawn Heinz's 3D HobbyShop

Tim Webb's Sbach

Shawn Heinz's 3D HobbyShop

Shawn Heinz's 3D HobbyShop

David Poe's 3DHS Extra 330sc recovered in red.....then we added graphics

Cory Musich's 3D HobbyShop Edge540

Roy Tatarchuk's 3DHS Slick

DA logo, Black/Metalic SIlver/Metalic Gold/White and DA color matched to your plane

Chris Cobb's Pilot 100cc Edge 540

3D Hobby Shop's Extra 300

Pilot's Edge 540

Mike Eagan's Carden Aircraft Edge 540

Another AW Edge 540

Jim Furby's AW Edge 540

Jim Furby's 3D Hobby Shop Edge 540

Carl Johnson's AW 30cc Extra 300

Dan Jasper's 3D Hobby Shop Vyper


Mark King's Pilot Extra 300

Dan Jasper's new EXTREME FLIGHT Extra 300

Pilot Sbach