Rapid Tac

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Rapid Tac 4oz spray bottle $6.00 with any graphics order..................... ( This would be enough for 2-3 50cc airplanes)

Granted, not all vinyl and graphic applications need to be a wet application to be successful, but we do know that in most applications nearly 50 percent in labor time can be saved by using a Rapid Tac application fluid. Sometimes a job normally requiring two people to perform a dry application can be done in less time by one person if using an application fluid like Rapid Tac or new Rapid Tac II. Application fluid cleans without leaving residues. Best of all it stimulates the adhesive to bond in approximately 90 seconds, even in a colder environment. It will not cause bubbles so there's no poking holes in your work. Your customers and your reputation will benefit from higher-quality applications and your production will increase as well. The original Rapid Tac Application Fluid was formulated to make wet application of vinyl films simple and fast. Rapid Tac application fluid is the best choice when working with premium cast films and most acrylic adhesive systems. Applying vinyl wet with Rapid Tac gives you control over positioning time while you "float" the film. Rapid Tac and Rapid Tac II also increase the adhesive bond between your film and the substrate and will eliminate air bubbles. Another benefit to applying vinyl wet is the ease of removing the transfer film. Simply spray the transfer film with Rapid Tac to make it easier to pull away the transfer tape. Soap and water simply can't compare.

For more information, visit www.rapidtac.com