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Rapid Tac 4oz spray bottle, $6.00 with any graphics order. ( This would be enough for 2-3 50cc airplanes)

To start off, we will describe the product:

The graphic consist of three layers starting with a plastic or paper backing. The vinyl graphic is on top of this plastic or paper backing, then, on top of this is the transfer tape.  The transfer tape holds all the vinyl in the correct position when it is removed from the backing.

How do you separate the graphic:

                First, re-squeegee the transfer tape side of the graphic to the graphic firmly. This is done to make sure that the vinyl will stick to the transfer tape.

  NOTE: Due to high humidity, the vinyl may not stick well to the transfer tape. If this happens install the graphics in a  lower humidity area  to solve the problem.

                Next, flip the graphic over and place the transfer tape side down, against the table or flat surface.Next, separate the backing from the transfer tape by "rolling" the backing off the transfer tape and the vinyl graphic.  Do this slowly and watch to make sure the graphic remains stuck to the transfer tape.  If the graphic comes up with the backing, simply press it back down onto the transfer tape and re-squeegee as necessary.  What you will have is the transfer tape and the graphic, sticky side up, lying on the table. The backing may now be thrown away.

NOTE: Pulling the transfer tape and graphic off of the backing, opposite from above, usually results in the graphic staying on the backing more often, and also the transfer tape can stretch and you graphic may become distorted.

Prepare the surface:

I recommended the use of Rapid Tac to clean the surface prior to application of the graphic. It is simply done by spraying Rapid Tac on the surface and wiping clean with cheap paper towels.

Applying the graphics:

NOTE: Make sure the temperature is at least 60 degrees to be sure that the graphics will stick.

                After the surface is clean, spray the surface with Rapid Tac again.Next, you can spray the sticky side of the graphic and transfer tap with Rapid Tac, remember, it is lying sticky side up on your table or flat surface.

Next, position your graphic as desired on the wet surface. If it begins to slightly stick while you are sliding it around, you can pick it up and spray more Rapid Tac to the surface.

Once in the proper position, Use a squeegee to remove fluid, using a good deal of pressure and working from the center out to the edges in all directions.

Next, spray Rapid Tac onto the transfer tape and wait a few minutes.  This will allow the Rapid Tac to soak into the transfer tape and help it release from the graphic.

Remove the transfer tape form the graphic, slowly, by pulling back over itself, slowly.  Did I mention slowly?  DO NOT pull the transfer tape up and away from the graphic, but pull back over itself.  If any of the graphic begins to pull off your surface, just re-squeegee it back in place.  This is why you should pull slowly.

Clean up surface with paper towel.

What about bubbles?

Larger bubbles can be squeegeed to the side of the graphic and then out.  You will sometimes find that a bubble will move easy under the vinyl but will not pass by the edge of the graphic.  I simply slide the point of an x-acto blade under the graphic edge to allow the air to escape.

Some of the smaller bubbles may not be able to be removed with this process. If this is the case, just leave the surface in the sun to get baked on to the surface and they will be removed as the vinyl "breathes". The air under the vinyl will be removed by expansion and contraction.


More Information can be found at

Do not forget to order a bottle of Rapid Tac with your graphics order